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Is hollow to think an outside to seek, rather nearby and first support like.China friendship brothers agent company announced a pronouncement yesterday and called that Guo Hong Po sought private interest due to personally accepting entertainer agent business in the outside, was just advised by the company to back, but don't to Guo Hong Po says thatthe resources assigns unjust makes a response.Guo Hong Po at work broker for period, related agreement and the related regulation system of company seriously breach to sign with company, personally accept entertainer agent business in the outside, seek private interest.He to make use of company the resources seek the behavior of private interest also and confess not Hui.Does the company as to it's advise to back a processing, and reserve further right of pursuing the law responsibility according to the related rules of the internal regulation system.(Reporter, Yang Lian Jie, )is Japanese thick to living to labor province:After overing 30% graduation of university student leave office in 3 years-medium new the new net in net give or get an electric shock to report a net to report according to new overseas Chinese in Japan on November 8, recently, Japan thick the data of announcement livinging labor province asics gel kinsei 4 menssuggest, among lately- graduated university student in Japan, more than 30% people graduate behind at 3 years in leave office from the place unit.And, this proportion has already increased continuously for 2 years.According to report, Japan thick living a labor to save to call, in 2011 university the graduate student be employed by the business enterprise

Have already had 32.4% person's resignations up to the end of March, 2014 among the person, almost among 3 people one person resign.The personnel resignation proportion that this proportion graduates a little bit in 2010 rises 1.4 percentage points, have already increased continuously for 2 years.Report to point out, see according to the industry category, the accommodation industry, dining service industry lately- graduated university student leaves office to lead tallest, is 52.3%.Beauty is related and visits skill facilities to wait living related service industry, entertainment industry, the lately- graduated university student leaves office to lead to 48.6%.Educate, study support industry the lately- graduated university student leave office to lead to 48.5%.And, finish senior high school the person who works behind to leave office to lead to also attain nike lunarglide 6 uk39.4% in 3 years and increase 0.4 percentage points a little bit last a year.Is Japanese thick the province livinging a labor call:Also exist to often say of'black heart business enterprise'problem.Because the student values to leave office to lead and leave office to lead high industry perhaps will hard collect a talented person.If is a business enterprise to use a work method existence problem, the business enterprise should improve.Card the rice lack a Chongqing men's basketbal cruelly the shot Kui didn't defend be beaten original shape once-medium the new net keep in mind ambition life ambition to go on an expedition three males in Chongqing of guest's field very and only brigade, but at the first suffer 56 cent of fiasco.Yesterday because of Iran foreign help

Card the rice visa Be wrong to temporarily leave a brigade, brigade in Chongqing that can be squared with double foreign help with 85:141 not enemy brigade in Liaoning, cruelly three losing streaks.56 cent of the cent differ on CBA history can also before lining up into 10.But the guest in the this week day and Tienjin field game in, card the rice will continue to lack, without this field all 16 basket knotholes efficiently foreign help, Chongqing three males most bare prospect still keep allowing of no optimism.The head hair changes a cripple of face Chongqing to encounter shot Kui after the lord field teed off the game that a Han Chang sprinkles Li in the head show, the self-confidence of three the male pole light brigades in Chongqing got up all of a sudden.However go on an expedition Liaoning, but spread shocking news.Card rice because the visa problem has to temporarily leave the brigade solves, and head the hair control Wei Li Xue is loose with captain at the beam also because the problem of some wound diseases can not appear, the original wooden bench depth not enough Chongqing brigade has to new balance 420 mensmeet challenge to battle by destroying.Commander-in-chief Wang Xi Dong adjusted a head to deliver five tigers, fertile Lun and the foreign help partner section 1 of the Hally Er Sen double, local player then Yao Peng and Dong Jun Jiang and Liu Da Dun Pengs.Actually compare with inside track, the rearguard informant of Chongqing's choosing is more hard up for cash and loosen at Li Xue can not under the circumstance for fighting, two small rearguard Liu Zhe Nan and Cao the morning all got in section 1


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 that took charge of organization Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Didn't avoid being seen towards asking to do too many directly.The bank foreign exchange manipulates a case to approach to reach to reach agreement to punish single or super GBP 1,000,000,000-medium new new net in net on November 8 give or get an electric shock according to American Wall Steet Journal on the 8th report, according to understood a personage who negotiate the circumstance to say, organization in taking charge of of the United States and England with reach to seven more large banks are approaching to reach agreement exists the accusation of misfeasance in the currency market concerning the bank by concluding and take charge of square and the square of the bank probably is reaching to reach agreement for the coming two weekses.Report to call, know what happened a personage to reveal, include British financial market behavior takes charge of bureau and American currency superintendency office at inside of take charge of the organization plan opens toward the bank a total amount more than GBP 1,000,000,000ly punishes a list, the problem that took charge of organization to be suspected of to bank to manipulate a currency market before now has already new balance 574 menscarried on about 18 surveys of months.Above-mentioned this personage know what happened also mean, although everyone's target hopes can declare to reach agreement in next week, this still probably hereafter postpone for a week again.Should know what happened a personage to say, ascend placard of the bank list may have variety.According to understood the personage of negotiation to say, the bank that involves to reach agreement a negotiation currently included Ba Ke Lai in England and remitted plentiful control a limited company, Scotch emperor

The flower ensign group, Mo root of bank in the house group, Switzerland bank and the United States big company and American bank.According to understood to reach agreement a knowing what happened of negotiation circumstance a personage to say, the survey at the beginning was a circumambience a particular foreign exchange basis what possible existent operation behavior launches, but reach agreement agreement may concern to those acknowledgement in the bank that a more narrow realm misbehaves.Was above-mentioned to know what happened a personage to say, taking charge of the section might criticize those can not inspect a foreign exchange section appropriately employee and lack an enough internal control of bank, some banks may also because of don't obstruct employee the customer is at the big sum order order new balance 420 womensbefore or order make use of his/her own personal account carries on not appropriate bargain but is blamed.Knew what happened a personage to say, reached agreement to negotiate lieutenant general to disclose related electronics chat record, these chat records show that some trader of the banks are suspected of participating in misfeasance, shoulding reach agreement agreement will be the sign of new banking humiliation.Recently, aim at a basis interest rate operation problem to develop in the United States and England of in the survey, the Ba Ke Lai, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Rui silver all admit that oneself exists misfeasance.According to a personage know what happened say, British aspect manipulated a case to this foreign exchange to open a punishing of a list to anticipate for each

Of bank GBP 200,000,000-300,000,000 always punishes the list amount of money as about GBP 1,200,000,000.This or will become FCA up to the present open in a survey case of biggest punish a list.According to know what happened a personage to reveal, there are still two United States taking charge of organization to also participate in this time negotiation of reaching agreement at least, but they may have no ability to completion and bank on time of negotiation;The future that will be FCA and OCC as a result with the negotiation of the bank one of the contents of agreement reached.According to understand a personage who investigate the case to reveal, the bank hopes to reach to reach agreement very much with the harassment that gets away from a foreign exchange survey, but this target passes to reach agreement still not ability complete realization.American judiciary also will continue to develop related civil nike lunarglide 6 menscase and pertaining to crime survey, but this probably wants till next year just can end.Other banks including Deutsche bank and high prosperous group still keep facing each the survey that take charge of organization, they when ability with take charge of an authorities realization to reach agreement is still an unknown.The Argentine chemical engineering factory lights a fire to explode more than 60 persons to harm a ground to leave huge pit-medium new the new net in net give or get an electric shock to report according to the outside Mei on November 8, the local officials said on the 7th, and Argentina a chemical engineering factory lighted a fire to cause an explosion and caused more than 60 persons' getting hurt.Report to call, local time

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On the evening of the 6th, the factory that is located in the northeast of Buenos Aires about 700 kilometers takes place to explode and left on the ground a huge pit, about 4 houses out of the kilometer apart from the factory of the windows be all break~into pieces.The local civil defence representative director said that the explosion power is huge, the air of the chemistry material still formed cloud and made residents' dyspnea of neighborhood.The local officials said that the report that has never exploded to result in to die currently, only has a handful of men condition of the injury more serious.Check the organization discovered to haven't yet the easy Ran material of authorizing the storage in the factory warehouse, the proprietor of factory had been under arrest currently.Harvard packs a camera to clap a student to have a class to encounter by asics gel kinsei 4 womenschecking rate of attendance to in many ways blame-medium new the new net in net give or get an electric shock to make collective report to report according to Hong Kong text on November 8, Harvard University in the United States 2014 install a movie camera in 10 lesson room secrets at the beginning of the year, steal to clap 2000 near students to have a class, with the survey attendance rate, but the student has been being kepted in the dark.Affairs recently after exposing, student and teaching and staff criticizes a school authority invasion privacy in succession, the professor keeps to steal to clap behavior and supervision just like.Report to call, the Harvard student reports a deeply red report of Harvard to report this matter first and points out that the teaching and staff holds a meeting a period recently, calculator science professor Liu Yi Si

Mean, from two colleagues know school authority once stole clap a student have a class.Report to point out, university pair Bo Er of dean of studies means that teacher's complaining a student usually doesn't have a class, the school authority wants to investigate the circumstance, hence installed a movie camera in the secret inside the classroom.Shooting to be like a head will clap image inside the classroom, then pass the calculation attendance rate of the calculator procedure.He says that of so don't in advance tell student and teaching and staff, is in order not to study possible emergence deviation, but have already given an account this matter to the teacher who once was stolen to clap now, emphasize to don't  have intention to invasion privacy or scrutiny the teacher expresses, photograph and video frequency have already been destroyed as well.Liu Yi Si thinks that school should ask for an everyone first to agree to just make decision, and ask school authority to give an account affairs to the teachers and the new balance 998 salestudents of all.The student association member compares a shell Bo Ge point school authority to just lead into standard of honor recently, requesting the student the commitment can't cheat, another simultaneously but secretly steal to clap and keep watch on a student, way of doing false.Harvard president Volkswagen calls to hand over the board of directors to the affairs especially to will handle, and examine the rules of using the electronics communications equipment.China friendship is been a bright broker by the Gu to point an unjust response:Strive for private interest be advised to back-medium the new net Gu is a bright broker evening before last of Guo Hong Po the tiny Bo release at he/she a to the soldier in the king is first

A letter of livinging, blames China friendship movie resources to assign unjust, cause entertainer large numbers of to run off.China friendship brothers agent company gave out sound a clear response yesterday and called that Guo Hong Po sought private interest due to personally accepting entertainer agent business in the outside, was just advised by the company to back.Guo Hong Po at to calling in Mr. Jun's a letter in the king, the group personnel section just notifies after chatting that he leaves office 2 days later with his noodles.Later on, include he at inside of more than ten China friendship that leave office because of personal reason the employee be all deregistered an nike free 3.0 v5 onlineownership of a share.According to the letter of Guo Hong Po write, he was asked while chatting with personnel noodles and whether take some actor alone and make money alone.He didn't deny, but mean because the actormake a contract China friendship for 3 years, step by step from have no to already walk till today so one inside country television drama front-line position, he paid much effort, but need company's support ascend the time of one step again for movie opportunity now the company doesn't give, but he again just the contract expire, so we temporarily not and continuously invited.He still blames China friendship movie resources to assign unjust, make underneath entertainer dissatisfied.The company doesn't give his/her own actor opportunity, actor large numbers of quantity run off and expire and then walk, from the most time of more than 100, dig with it to current more than 40ses


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 stop and adjusts a player Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Opportunity to appear.Brigade in Liaoning that just compares with to own numerous national representatives, the candidate like this obviously can not attain ideal effect.In less than 3 minutes, beginning's Chongqing is teed off a 12-2 high tides by the opponent to quickly get a goal to excel of 9 hurls are only before Chongqing 1 medium.Wang Xi Dong quickly shouts to stop and adjusts a player, can still can not limit opponent, head stanza Chongqing with 19-40 fall behind 21 cent of many.The first half field fires away Chongqing 41-70 fall behind for many 29 centses, let the whole time that almost become garbage.The foreign help is hasty have never defended is beaten the original shape once open a match head two, brigade in Chongqing although the field all throws away 120 divide more, crary aggression and quickly offend to defend a new balance 574 saleconversion make the condition not passive.No matter face Shanxi or Xinjiang, all there is the time to tee off to get a goal a small high tide .But objectively say, this among them very big part of reason are also that the opponents Be not enough to acquaint with thems.After 2 competes, the CBA other ball teamses also got hold of more data of Chongqing, Liaoning yesterday three cents aiming at Chongqing, ball with offend to defend and then do quickly extremely outstanding.The whole game faces brigade strong inside track in Liaoning, three males in Chongqing very and only seem to be to have no a way.Own aggression isn't agreeable, originally not good

Defend is also thousand Chuangs are 100 bores.Section 3 still leaves 2 divide many clocks, it has been 100 centses since they were taken downed by the opponent.The big white bear Hally Er Sen indignantly throws away ball after being blown to punish violate the rules, though have never got a technique to foul, also have to advance be changed bottom.Section 3 Chongqing falls behind for 30 several centses, Wang Xi Dong was simply to make change wooden bench players, such as Huang Guo Bin and Wang Zhen Yu...etc., lets the fertile Lun of small foreign help take to beat, basic gave up a game.Section 4, brigade in Chongqing does by whole China class, but because the real strenght margin of young player is huge, can helplessly looking at and divide bad be step by step extended.Card Wang Xi Dong's match also admits behind, lacking of rice the deployment that disrupted ball team.Everyone can also see a card now the rice new balance 580 onlineoffend to defend the importance in the system in the ball team, particularly is his to defend a function.He said that after two days to Tienjin, the ball team will definitely have to strengthen in defending.The evening newspaper reporter Luo of Chongqing soars Wang Xiao Shuo to approve to clap Franchis Film script writer director to unite as one(diagram)-the medium new net help gold word prize evening before last in a college of movie, the 11th department of literature gold word prize in college of movie in Peking makes awards ceremony and high peak forum to hold in the city, and the Wang Xiao Shuo, the Gu Zhang guests, such as and Zhang Meng...etc. helps a

Seat.On the forum, Wang Xiao Shuo and Gu Zhang all agree that the manuscript creations is the important link of movie creations.Wang Xiao Shuo thinks in the process of taking a business movie, oneself dramatizes then oneself's director is better method.Gu Zhang that graduates from college of movie department of literature in Peking thinks that creating a movie can from dramatized angle into, but don't depended on manuscript too much, either, because you wanted finally depend image but isn't a writing to express the thing that wants and expresses in your heart.So no matter is what kind of manuscript, I arrived to all throw a part on the scene, the time clap very impromptu, pay attention to create with the interaction of the actor.The director fastens Wang Xiao Shuo of graduation in the beginning and then pays attention to a lens very much, but he also approved the importance of manuscript,  you not necessarily on the nike free tr fit mensspot took manuscript to shine on to clap, but musted definitely remember the person clues and motive that you need.Be started to ask how to handle a work commercial win and create an original meaning antinomy, Wang Xiao Shuo thinks he or she after dramatizing he or she come to lead is better solution method.In his eyes, the chemical element of the most important Franchis Film still keep being a creativity, the sense of vision special effect technique is just add flowers to brocade.Reporter firewood spring Xia|shoot a Cao cloud gold of reporter, Yang Lian Jie, to prepare a night of spring

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The manuscript topic wades fog haze enlargement irony-win new net Wei in Shandong saw billiards star to contest a true person to show program star recently war to open medium to explore a class in the city.Tang Yi Fei , Xu Fei, and spring Xiao...etc. a many main dozen film star, add Cao cloud gold and Yu Hao clear, Lyu Song Xian etc. assistant male guest to collectively is unveiled.The emergence of Cao cloud gold, certainly necessary will drive cross-examine spring the news late.Cao cloud gold as a late familiar spring face has already received to admire an inviting of text this year, and is nervously preparing manuscript.Be asked on that day whether have and admired a text to once meet, Cao cloud gold starts to sell a crisis to call:Do not tell you.But speak of the topic of this time work, Cao cloud gold calls that fog haze is a part in the work.This year's nike free run 3 trainerswork will enlarge strength for ironic, the funny burden will also reserve.He also means to give the spring the night column eyes set to deliver to first draft by the end of the month at this as far as possible.Lien Chan's sub- election presents a madam the card Cai Yi Shan's qualities Be outstanding to become a focus-medium new the new net in net give or get an electric shock to report according to TVBS news set in Taiwan on November 8, the mayor head in Taipei field argues on the stage give tit for tat not, the set descends to also inwardly compete.Originally schedule to Ke Wen Zhe will arrive assembly hall first and have never thought a Kuomintang candidate to connect to win a text 15 minutes in advance and rob at

Ke Wen Zhe arrives, while a cake of accompany of wife Cai Yi Shan, more once became a focus.As for Ke Wen Zhe, although because the wife wants to turn on duty to together participate in, but madam, Chen Pei Qi, also prepares to fight tunic for Ke Wen Zhe in person, silent inflate for Ke Wen Zhe.Originally schedule to just need to arrive connecting of assembly hall to win a text at 7:15, accident 15 minutes in advance compete first before Ke Wen Zhe, a cake of accompanies of wife Cai Yi Shan, became an attention focus more.Reporter:Have according to Shan to win a text what kind of nike free 5.0 shoessuggestion?Cai Yi Shan:.(Shake head).Reporter:Winning the text has already taken what lucky thing?The Taipei mayoral candidate of Kuomintang connects to win a text:I take my cross just, there is no lucky thing.Connecting to win a text to say didn't specially take a lucky thing, but had never spoken of perhaps is station is the biggest assistant at oneself Cai Yi Shan at the side of body, Cai Yi Shan's white shirt matches to match the race breeze that the body tailors narrow skirt, Cai Yi Shan's qualities is outstanding, connect win a text to present madam's card, this call wife still just the hospital turn on duty of how to do Ke Wen Zhe.Even if have no a wife is fighting tunic on the body of Ke Wen Zhe, but being prepared in person by Chen Pei Qi nearby, the intention has good, though participate in debate Ke Wen

Zhe still keeps insisting being himself/herself, walk up a television station ignore the medium still is clapping, pull coat zipper for the so big La La, and argue the spot grandstand to also have careful machine.Ke Wen Zhe who worries 172 cms connects to win a text to the top, the height hangs too much extremely, the sponsor specially chases Ke Wen Zhe's website, Gao at least 20 cm, moreover want to match with even win text platform have been already heated up as well, but this time beginning show up of Ke Lian argue, afraid the observant and conscientious person private come to cause trouble, the assembly hall outer circle outside and outside deploys 15 police force to be responsible for Wei Anne at least in inside.Gao specification reception the interview be still exclusive to row an area, debate not compare eloquence, ratio policy, the small nike free 3.0 v5 ukdetail also wants to inwardly compete.Will carry out a myriad people tracking survey for preventing and curing Alzheimers disease Japan-medium new the new net in net give or get an electric shock to report according to new overseas Chinese report net in Japan on November 8, in order to investigate prevention and treatment Alzheimers disease method, recently, Japanese thick the province livinging a labor decide to take about one myriad people as object and carry out a large-scale tracking survey.According to report, November 6, Japan is thick the province livinging a labor to decide to take about one myriad people in the whole country as object and come into force a tracking survey from the Year 2016's.On that day, it is thick to living to labor great minister salt Qi respectfullly long enunciation will in the year inside plan to draw up an Alzheimers disease counterplan lately

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